You’ll Just Need to Get Together A Few Things to Sell Your Car to Us in Kenilworth, NJ is your go-to company when you have a damaged car in your garage. We specialize in diagnosing your car’s problems. Every car is different, but our treatment plan is always the same which is to offer you cash for your car. We are so passionate about what we do, we will even give you cash for your car in Kenilworth, NJ. We don’t care where you are, we just want to buy your car with cash.

Documents to Prove Ownership of Your Vehicle

To prove that you’re the owner of your car, you’ll need your car title or registration document. If you don’t have any of these items, we suggest that you should visit DMV office in Hudson County, New Jersey for duplicates.

How Long Will The Call Take?

We won’t take your time when you call us. We will get information about your vehicle and provide you an estimate. We will also set an appointment to pick up your car.

Do You Offer Any Guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee maximum satisfaction and we’ll offer you the best price for your car. 

When it comes to transportation, getting to work will be stressful because of a bad car. It’s time to do something. Contact today and get a free quote.

Do you have a car sitting in your yard and taking up space? Not sure of what to do with it? Have you already been to the mechanic, who has told you that the cost to buy your vehicle is almost as much as getting another one? If you are wondering what you are going to do with the heap of junk, we have the answer for you, we also have some cash for your troubles.


That’s right. knows exactly the treatment you need to get rid of your junk cars in Kenilworth, NJ. It’s cash. Don’t you feel better already?


We know how difficult it’s trying to get rid of cars in Kenilworth, NJ. One minute you are riding down the streets of Kenilworth, New Jersey. The next you are sitting in front of a mechanic telling you that your car is going to cost you thousands of dollars to fix. You know it’s not worth it, after all the money you have wasted on the vehicle. What’s left to do? Let it waste away in your yard? You don’t have to do that. You can get cash for your car in Kenilworth, NJ. Let come to your rescue!



Need help selling your car? Looking for a quick cash sale? Then you have come to the right place! We buy any car for cash