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Whatever your reasons may be, you have finally decided to sell your old car. You want to pursue whatever avenue that will generate top dollars for you, quickly.
If you plan on purchasing a newer car, the amount of money generated form the sale of your old car will go towards the new investment and may affect your decision and/or ability to finance the new purchase.
If you are in no rush to get rid of your car quickly, you may want to test the water for a few weeks and place a "FOR SALE" sign on your car. This, however, may get burdensome, since like you, the prospective buyers may be testing the water.

  • Be prepared to get many phone calls, most of which from people shopping around.
  • Set aside time to meet with anyone who expresses interest in your car.

If you have ball park figure for how much you expect to get for your car, this may make the process a bit quicker. However, potential buyers may see faults in your car that you view as minor imperfections, after all you have been driving this car for a while and may even have a personal attachment.
Remember, unless your car is in perfect condition you will have to negotiate on the price. Most people will not pay for a car more than it is worth, and will not pay a premium for your personal attachment. Save yourself the headache and contact us today.
Sell my car now in Sea Girt, NJ. We'll give you a free appraisal and We'll come to you.