Do you agree that selling your faulty car is difficult? Chances are that if you’ve been through this process before, you’ll agree with us that it can take a huge amount of time and money to get everything together in order to legally sell your car for cash. Luckily, with Get Cash for Your Car, it doesn’t have to be this awful anymore.


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Get Cash for Your Car Serves Upper Montclair, NJ

While junk cars have become a popular piece of outdoor artwork in Upper Montclair, owning one of these vehicles and keeping it on your property is not appealing. Every day you do not take action, the grass around your faulty car will grow. This will make the care to rust and lose value.


Why settle with this ticking time bomb on your property, especially if this burden can be turned into a hefty sum of cash? Along with providing free towing, we’ll also help you secure the paperwork you need and provide assistance for how to effectively get through the DMV. Sell your car to us and get your cash immediately.



With many years of serving the greater Montclair, New Jersey, Get Cash for Your Car offers unmatched service and support to residents. When you need cash for your car, we can provide the best deals around saving you the hassle and frustration that normally comes with this process.



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